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RE: #300 - Experimental - Madmardigan - 01-02-2015

No dice on this side of the planet.

RE: #300 - Experimental - Acererak - 01-02-2015

Apparently it's back on line but I don't see getting orders in for 150 and 154 while on my way to the office in the next 90 minutes. These games are at an advanced stage and it takes a fair amount of time to get done. I asked for a delay on the order entry thread and assume more people also need it.

RE: #300 - Experimental - kevindusi - 01-02-2015

154 is due Monday, brotherman.

RE: #300 - Experimental - Jumpingfist - 01-02-2015

(01-02-2015, 12:22 PM)kevindusi Wrote: 154 is due Monday, brotherman.

Haha. I was going oh crap I missed that one. 

RE: #300 - Experimental - kevindusi - 01-02-2015

So was I. Smile Damn that Knollenberg.

RE: #300 - Experimental - Ry Vor - 01-02-2015

As posted on News, processing today will begin at 3pm Eastern due to the tech issue.

RE: #300 - Experimental - Acererak - 01-02-2015

Oh, I see that now for 154. 150 was today so I thought 154 was too.

RE: #300 - Experimental - unclemike - 01-03-2015

I made some tweaks to the code for reducing the kingdom's defensive values so expect more damage to your troops during combat. Also added a ceiling/floor rating for agent missions some of which had a 0% chance of being caught before the change. Also updated the message of an emissary moving to another's capital, the message updates at the end of the turn rather than at the 350 order level (to pick up order 355 if necessary). And a few other things so turn 11 should be better in these areas...

RE: #300 - Experimental - unclemike - 01-03-2015

(12-31-2014, 07:03 PM)unclemike Wrote: In other to avoid confusion for some of the newer players, I've added a new row called, "Amounts From Late Sources," to the Totals Section of the kingdom's report area.

This line will contain any amount that your kingdom acquires late in the game such as agent steal orders for food/gold or ESO awards (20,000 gold). I didn't want to add these items to the Trade line above it (even though it says Trade And Other Sources) since it may confuse some people thinking they had extra food/gold to spend earlier in the turn when they actually didn't. And I didn't want to add these to the final treasury amounts since the numbers above it wouldn't add up correctly.

So I'm adding a new row called, "Amounts From Late Sources":

     Description                                            Food           Gold

     Beginning Amount                                 38,876         6,301

     Add This Period's Production                   55,709       174,980
     Results Of Trade And Other Sources                0         18,000
                                                              -----------    -----------
           Amounts Available After Trading       94,585        199,281
                                                               -----------    -----------
      Less Military Group Consumption           -14,000       -12,600
                                                               -----------    -----------
           Available After Group Consumption    80,585       186,681
      Amounts Used Executing Orders                      0     -186,000
      Amounts From Late Sources                            0                0   <----- NEW !!!
      Food Spoilage                                      -16,117                 0
                                                                -----------    -----------
       Ending Amounts                                    64,468             681

The above change will be in your report starting with Turn 11 (due this Monday).

Just a quick note, if you receive gold from a successful group encounter, it gets added under the Trade total (since it's early in the turn) and if you successfully steal an artifact from the "wild", that gold will be listed in the Late Sources total.

RE: #300 - Experimental - unclemike - 01-04-2015

Fixed an issue with a group's parley/threaten/diplomacy on a pc that is kingdom controlled (not neutral/human pc). The software should remedy the situation with turn 11 results but let me know if you issued a parley/threaten/diplomacy on a pc that wasn't neutral/human controlled so far in this game.
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