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RE: #300 - Experimental - VballMichael - 01-13-2015

Good question. But I guess if he saw my group around earlier, then he may have known which group?
I really thought I was somewhat safe by ambush, though I did realize you had a chance at learning of a group in ambush.
Sounds like it is automatic, not a chance roll?

RE: #300 - Experimental - unclemike - 01-13-2015

(01-13-2015, 06:03 PM)Jumpingfist Wrote: Does detecting ambush status mean knowing which group is in ambush?  Or is it just a note like an invisible group

This is the message on my previous turn report (shown in section 2 with the other group-related messages):
   1st Demon Princes      Our elder wizard suspects an ambushing group may be in area UF.

So it only notifies you about an ambushing/invisible group, not it's number. I had to issue 4 attack orders (against all 4 UN groups) on turn 13 because I didn't know which one was there. The detection is based upon the group figure level (warlord/pwr-5) and not a random roll.

RE: #300 - Experimental - Ry Vor - 01-13-2015

Entrench is intended to allow a group with a clue like that in their results that doesn't have a good guess which group it is likely to be to Entrench - much better than being surprised, but not as good at all as defending against a specific group.

RE: #300 - Experimental - Madmardigan - 01-14-2015

Fear not little hobbits, the PALADINS have come to save the dayyyy!!!

RE: #300 - Experimental - Beatific - 01-14-2015

(01-14-2015, 02:50 AM)Madmardigan Wrote: Fear not little hobbits, the PALADINS have come to save the dayyyy!!!

Go Boromir!  Watch out for that.......arrow.   Oooh, nice catch.......I didn't know a sternum could do that.

RE: #300 - Experimental - unclemike - 01-15-2015

Starting with turn 14, you'll receive your kingdom report in the new HTML format !!!

This is a necessary step as we move towards becoming an online and automated game. You can use your favorite web browser to view the file (no more Notepad or PDF files). The HTML version is easier to read and has a parchment-like background to simulate that you're a ruler reading an old scroll regarding your kingdom's events. We'll be adding more pictures to the report later this year.

The title page that lists your account information, subscription plan, and open slots for new games will be inaccurate until I convert the game from XML to SQL. When that job is done, you'll have up-to-date account info printed on every turn.

BTW, you'll need access to the internet to pickup the images so if you're disconnected or if the game server is down for some reason, the report won't look as nice but you'll still be able to read it. I'm also changing a ton of stuff on the server like rearranging file locations for game 300 so if turn 14 doesn't kick off as normally, it's because I don't have the server properly configured. If a problem occurs, I'll manually run the turn later in the day.

RE: #300 - Experimental - Lord Alz - 01-15-2015

Sounds like some quality work going on with exciting upgrades and improvements

RE: #300 - Experimental - Hawk_ - 01-16-2015

Would it be possible on the order validation system to have an order override button you could select that would verify the resources consumed if all your orders processed correctly. This would overcome errors such as 799 not registering because you haven't attacked a PC yet. Things like that.

It would help with my accounting.

RE: #300 - Experimental - kevindusi - 01-16-2015

I normally run it and swap the attack order for a trade order to give me the expected gold, just to test. Not perfect, but it is an ok workaround for me. Once I know things work, I'll swap the original order back in.

RE: #300 - Experimental - unclemike - 01-16-2015

Made a change for ESO awards. A player used to only be able to issue order 992 for the award on turns 10 or 15. Now, you may issue this order to receive your award on turns 10 through 15 (so 6 possible turns to grant your ESO award instead of just 2). You may receive your award only once and if granted, your kingdom's turn report will no longer display your ESO objections in the game.

Order 991 (to set your ESO objectives) are permitted for turns 1 through 3. You may issue 991 in each of the three possible turns if you like to correct a previous turn's ESO selection. The last successfully issued 991 will be saved for your kingdom.