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RE: #300 - Experimental - Hawk_ - 11-18-2014

Yes we found a couple cities so we can confirm they do exist and the old location for Lorethane was empty.

RE: #300 - Experimental - DuPont - 11-19-2014

Meridon is...gone. Just gone. As if swept away by an unseen hand.

RE: #300 - Experimental - unclemike - 11-19-2014

(11-18-2014, 10:20 PM)Ry Vor Wrote: We are trying a few things in #300. Players shouldn't think that this is the new Alamaze. That will be in the form that we have been discussing here on the forum over the past few months. However, any trials here in #300 that seem to improve the core game may be implemented. Not likely in the next release of 4th Scenario which is to wrap up Classic Alamaze before we go onto broader game changes.

When Rick said, "this isn't the new Alamaze", he meant in the sense of game concept-wise, not the software. So all the new things that we're trying such as starting the game with a random season, random capital locations, random cities, new combat spells (plus lichform and cry of the banshee and I may be able to throw in invisibility (for your agents) and the high level create artifact spell and summon kraken later), 8 new kingdoms from 1st cycle (plus druid), new orders like seapower enhancements which may be expanded to land-based forces (instead of greek fire for ships, troops may get mithril armor), and several Fall of Rome concepts that I haven't even begun to introduce yet.

So he meant that all of the new game concepts that we're trying out may not be the "new Alamaze" but this software that we're testing will replace Cipher's and become the new Alamaze/Kingdoms of Arcania of the future. So playtesters don't feel that you're wasting your time with this game, quite the contrary, you're helping me out with the thousands of test cases that have to be done before this software may replace all current (and future) games.

We're also moving towards becoming an entirely online and automated system much like Fall of Rome which will improve matters for everyone. How do you like getting your results 1 minute after noon so far? I do and it's much easier on the GM to create-then-forget games (since the GM is free to do other things than manually run each turn).

So don't feel that this is just a sample game whose concepts will be discarded when we're done because your assistance is much appreciated in testing the new software of the future.

BTW, even though some players have complained about the random city concept, I for one, really like it so far. I think it makes the game more exciting and challenging (and it feels right for exploratory mode) and I look forward to receiving my turn results early on to see if I discovered a city or not. I hope this particular new concept will carry forward into future games...

RE: #300 - Experimental - unclemike - 11-19-2014

I forgot to mention, if you investigate an unusual encounter in water and the description of the encounter isn't water-based (e.g., sea serpent, water elemental, ...etc.) then let me know. One of the improvements that I made over the older software is that the encounters are terrain-based so you won't see bears fighting you on the water (or an octopus on land). If you do then let me know and I'll fix the problem.

RE: #300 - Experimental - Jumpingfist - 11-19-2014

I noticed on the report when I split off a group with 699 that it reports the starting square where my group landed after movement vs where they split. Did not effect the game because they still moved as they should. Just says the wrong thing.

RE: #300 - Experimental - unclemike - 11-19-2014

(11-19-2014, 11:53 AM)Jumpingfist Wrote: I noticed on the report when I split off a group with 699 that it reports the starting square where my group landed after movement vs where they split. Did not effect the game because they still moved as they should. Just says the wrong thing.

That message is indicating when your group initiates its forced march movement sequence (as in, starting with area BR, you're entering forced march mode). I have the same message in the order checker that I threw in the normal game code.

RE: #300 - Experimental - Hawk_ - 11-19-2014

I think the random startup features of this game are really cool.

It will make each game a much more unique experience.

Especially when you bring into play the variation in kingdoms and starting locations.

RE: #300 - Experimental - twhitewolf10 - 11-19-2014

wiz's spell 888 Raven Familiar spell

Turn sheet under Section (Matters covert, esoteric and general) tells you that your wizard cast the spell(good) but there is no info such as sorry there nothing there or what ever there is there like pc or U.S.(bad)

RE: #300 - Experimental - The Broken - 11-19-2014

Me too on the 888

RE: #300 - Experimental - unclemike - 11-20-2014

(11-19-2014, 09:42 PM)The Broken Wrote: Me too on the 888

That means that there's nothing in that area - no pc, no encounter, no groups hanging out....