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New Billing?
I'll continue to send updates on Rick's condition whenever I receive them but no change as of my last update. I hope that he gets well soon but if this ends up being an extended illness, we may have to consider an alternative for Alamaze to continue.

The reason why I mentioned back on Dec. 17 that new games won't be started anymore was because I don't have access to Alamaze's business accounts to bill customers. However, if games are not created during a period that could last weeks or even months, we'll end up losing players which isn't good when Rick gets back.

So how about this as an alternative: We no longer have subscriptions and players are charged a fee whenever a new game is started by a new PayPal business account that I'll create under my name. That way, new games can be started as usual and Alamaze will continue until Rick gets back. I don't have the time to manage subscriptions with the complexity of additional game slots being added/removed from accounts so I can only charge on a per game basis which is simpler for everyone during this time.

I can't ask Rick's permission on this because he's still out of commission but if we don't consider an alternative, all games will end at some point and we could end up losing our player base because nothing is happening. So share your thoughts below if this is something that you as a customer would be willing to do.

I was thinking of charging something like the following for new games (again, no subscriptions or other fees, just a flat fee whenever a new game is started):

  $19.99 for single position games (Steel, Primeval, Slugfest, Magic-Alliance)
  $29.99 for two/three position games (Confluence, Confederation, Warlord)
  $39.99 for more than three position games (Titan)
  $9.99 for Duel (or free to teach a new player)

The above is at a reduced cost than normal but if enough games are created every month, it should cover the cost of the hardware and service agreements to keep the business running. I'm not making any money on this and probably not Rick either but this lower cost alternative should be able to retain the player base until Rick is back in full health.

Again, I don't know if Rick would approve of this alternative billing since it's less money than he would otherwise charge but I don't have the time to manage subscriptions and special considerations like adding/removing game slots so it'll have to be a charge-per-game billing plan until he gets back.

This alternative is better than letting the games end without starting any new ones and risking the business. The reduced cost per game should keep the current customer base satisfied while paying the required monthly hardware/service bills.

Share your thoughts below...
If forgot to mention that if the server monthly bill isn't paid or if the websites/service agreements are not registered/paid on time, I'll have to create new websites for Alamaze games. So if things suddenly shutoff like not receiving your kingdom turns or cannot login to submit your orders, the bills weren't paid on time and I'll work behind the scenes to create new websites for Alamaze to continue. If something like this happens, check your email every once in a while as mentioned earlier.
I am good with it. I expect that Rick will want the game to go on and not lose player base. Personally I would be willing to be flexible in order to keep the game going uninterrupted.
Here's the only problem I see. We will continue to get invoices for the old payment structure under this new system. Should we not pay those invoices? If we don't pay them, what happens? Will our accounts be deactivated automatically after a certain point?
(12-27-2017, 11:47 AM)Diws Wrote: I am good with it. I expect that Rick will want the game to go on and not lose player base. Personally I would be willing to be flexible in order to keep the game going uninterrupted.

Sounds ok to me. It would be good to know how the servers are paid, are they on auto pay from the same paypal account that the players pay into? If so then all we need to do is keep paying the invoices or paying into that account.
I'm good with it
Fine with me.
-This Khal Drogo, it's said he has a hundred thousand men in his horde
I’m good with it
Is a good alternative!

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