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Kingdom Traits and Customization
Maelstrom's the name.  Traits are the game.  

Maelstrom has many changes to existing The Choosing traits and introduces about a dozen new ones.  See attached document.  Most of the new or revised concepts are shown in red.  Pretty exciting stuff, IMO.

Customization will be expanded in Maelstrom to let you put your fingerprint on your kingdom like never before.  Revisions to point costs for The Choosing options, about double or more the potential customization options in Maelstrom with many new implications.  For example you might be able to begin with an important special character like a Hero, Engineer or Sage. 

For discussion, assume a kingdom has 7 customization points available.  Let's say there are at least two points worth you can't resist aside from Traits.  Some traits will be available as customization options, but not all and not to all kingdoms.  (Halflings can't be Riders for example.)  But if you could add traits at the cost of customization points, how much would you spend - how high would you go - for some that stick out in your mind?  Choose from spending from a max of 5 for a trait to a minimum of -2 for negative traits (adding points in that case, so 7 would become 9 available points).

Post thoughts here.

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.pdf   Traits for Maelstrom.pdf (Size: 117.82 KB / Downloads: 57)
There are so many nice things added that I can't wait to try it out.  Ry Vor, can you tell us any more about Hero's and Goddess's?  Also, will the new traits cost the same across the board for each position?  Maybe certain things that are either in or out of character might have different cost, depending on position.
The list has amazing ideas. Players that prefer less variables could use the help of a toll to discover other kingdoms customization options.
Ever consider having Charismatic give a flat % bonus on all HC bids instead of 10k for seat bid?

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