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My Situation
Hello all - you may have noticed I've been missing some turns lately. Some of you know I live in the Bahamas. My town, Marsh Harbour, was almost completely destroyed by a record category 5 hurricane on Sunday. By random chance, DuPont V and I were on vacation. All of my family are alive, but that is about the only good news. Most of them lost their homes, my office was destroyed, all of my employees are homeless. Amazingly, my house seems to have survived in reasonable shape thanks to my heroic house-sitter, but my livelihood has vanished - I'm a land surveyor - there will not be any call for that for some time. The island has been over 50% evacuated and thousands of my fellow citizens are being relocated. I simply can't convey the destruction of Marsh Harbour and Hope Town (the town across the bay that I grew up in).
I am going to be enrolling DuPont V in a school in the US - we have some friends with boys his age who are taking us in. I will probably have to commute back and forth - I'm a community leader and I'm needed over there. My #1 priority is DuPont V, but once he is settled, I will be doing what I can. I've been on the phone for days dealing with relief efforts which is why I have been missing turns, though I have gotten a few in, I think. I have to say, the next time I cast Command Tornado or Meteor Storm, I will be thinking twice about it. Understand these were modern towns will well-built houses - the Bahamas has some of the most stringent building codes in the world. But Doran hit with sustained winds of 185mph and at one point, they measured 204mph sustained in the eyewall with gusts over 225mph. Even worse, the storm was moving slowly and then it stalled over Grand Bahamas so Abaco remained with gale force winds for over a day once the main portion passed. I have never seen anything like this. My life has completely changed overnight, but all of my loved ones are alive and I, unlike most people I know, probably still have the bulk of my possessions, even if I cannot reach them right now.
I am not sure what the future holds. I'm a cat and I land on my feet. DuPont V and I will find our way forward. We are blessed with lots of friends and many offers of help and hospitality. I just wanted to update everyone here as to why you have not seen much of me.
Thanks for updating and very glad to hear your family is OK. At least physically. I live in Boca Raton just 100 or so miles west of Freeport. I was watching every second of the storm. I cannot imagine what it was like on that island for 2 full days. I have never heard of anything like that.

It will never be enough, but every single town/company/group in South Florida is collecting money/food/items to send over.
What can I do to help my friend?
It's an unimaginable disaster. Great news that your family and friends are alive. I know somewhat  about what it's like, but on a smaller scale. I went though  Katrina in New Orleans. Take care and stay hopeful.
Very glad to hear you and yours are ok, Victor.  Thanks for letting us know, and of course are thoughts are with you and we wish you success both with DuPont V getting settled in the US and in your helping back in the Bahamas.  I hope in addition to communities, churches and charities helping, that the federal government does major assistance immediately in the disaster relief and afterward in the rebuilding.
I'm really sorry for your losses but glad your family is OK. In the end that's all that really matters but it's a lot easier to say that than live it...

The update is appreciated and you have been in my thoughts during this. I live in California, so I don't know that any offer of assistance will help, but should you, or any of your family need a spare room for a bit, let me know. The wife and I have a spare bedroom since we are empty nesters.

Your priorities and your positive outlook are amazing. I wish you all the best.

Ashgar the Bloodthirsty. 

My blood, your blood, what difference does it make!  

Time will tell.................
Oh man Victor, that's tough. Really glad to hear you and your family are alive and well. So sorry about everything that has happened.
Victor, please do keep us updated through the forum as this terrible saga continues and know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and all of our neighbors in the Bahamas
Let us know if there's something we can do Victor!
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