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confederations game 64
Nice win by Brek.
Alatar put up one heck of a fight against long odds.  Well played
DuPont hit everywhere with his RD and SO and sure made the game interesting.  Thanks for making it interesting Victor.

         Victory By Team (7 Regions) Is The Necromancer Kingdom!
                           Game End Status Points

        Place Kingdom    Player                Results-38  Grand Total

          1     NE     Brek                      68,951      99,552
          2     UN     Brek                      48,009      75,627
          3     CI     Wookie Panz               64,195      98,889
          4     LI     Wookie Panz               51,683      77,337
          5     DU     AlatarTBW                 10,422      26,256
          6     PI     AlatarTBW                  1,880      15,854
As noted, I played the RD and SO in this game. Right at the start, I decided that I really didn't feel like going for a win and I would just have fun. The RD was in #12 and the SO in #11. I quickly gained those regions and I also sent the 2RD (who started within a turn of the #13 village) up to take it so I'd have enough food. After seeing nobody move to Stormgate itself, I eventually secured that, too. Then I sent out two RD divisions and just started to randomly hit villages. My only rule was that I would not hit the same kingdom twice in a row, so my dragons were busy criss-crossing the land unexpectiantly showing up and terrorizing helpless villagers. My SO was mostly busy with building up his capital and wizards. I also let the SO take the #13 village so he could trade on the two seas.
Eventually, I got attacked, as i knew I would and it was from the PI/DU team. And here's where I had the worst disaster in any game ever! I had all 12 SO wizards by my capital, three patrols and one group. I thought I had built a Greater Wizard Tower the turn before, but it had failed because I had lost control of the region and I didn't notice. I thought that the PI was trying to take my capital so I had each group conujure up some Spectors and defending. I thought they would be safe, but, alas, no Greater Tower and him attacking all my groups meant I lost 9 wizards in a single turn! Anyway, I don't quit and I kept playing on. He didn't, in fact, take my capital so the SO was always well funded. I also got attacked on the other side by the LI/CI team. My RD continued to fly around taking various pop centers and moving on. SO also did his share of bopping around. Unfortunatly, the last two weeks have been very busy in RL and I missed a couple of turns and the auto-drop kicked in. But I had a great time in the game and congrats to Brek for his win! And also to Alatar for wiping out so many wizards in one turn - that must be a record!

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