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March to Steel-5538
CI The Crown Islands(1) The Cimmerian Nation from the North Brek
NE Darkover(2) The Shadow Lands of the Necromancer CosmicWizard17
UN The Diamond Coast(3) The Underworld Cult of Secrets Yellowbeard
BL Krynn(4) The Dark Skies of the Black Dragons Eregnon the Black
AM Triumvia(5) The Realm of the Amazon Matriarchy Runigruth
DW Zanthia(6) The Dwarven Lords of the Mountains Dakaria
AN Nyvaria(7) The Secret Servants of the Ancient Ones AlatarTBW
LI The Sword Coast(8) The Empire of the Lizard Kings Windstar
PI Pellinor(9) The Pirates of Avalon and Beyond The Painted Man
RD Zamora(10) The Reign of Terror of the Red Dragons Flevis
IL Mythgar(11) The Sphere of the Illusionist DuPont
DU The Untamed Lands(12) The Domain of the Great Druid HabeusCorpus

Limited Trades first month of the season only. No alliance/NAP Full forum diplomacy Limited Private Messages(Short names, Locations and such)

I have a town in your region (I will PM you the Location if you wish) I would like to keep it till turn 3 when I will DBl tax. Please advise if you agree

I have pop center in C islands and D Coast. I am happy to tax on turn 3 and send location if needed. I also would agree to these terms for anyone having T or V in Darkover. Seems like the usual standard agreement early in games.

CI --> AM/NE

I accept your terms.

CI --> All

Lets party!! Anyone for some axe throwing or Halfling tossing?

Noble Dwarves I have a village in Zanthia. I would like to keep it till turn 3 and then DBL TAX. If that is ok for you please advise and I will PM you the location.

(03-18-2021, 07:36 PM)The Painted Man Wrote: Yarhhhhhhhhh

Steve the Pirate from Dodge-Ball!


What is the smell coming from the North? Is that Eau De Piraten? Smells musky, with a hint of Machismo perhaps? The Bad Boys of the Seas indeed. Greetings to you ... or should I say Yarhhhhh (with a bit of feminine Irish little there).


There is a food shortage coming ... you heard it hear first. Anyone interested in food trades please line up in an orderly fashion.

I have a town in Krynn and a village Mythgar which I will double tax turn 3 and send locations if needed.

We could always use extra food (tender Halflings preferred, not chewy Dwarves)

If I keep seeing all this halfling abuse in the forums I WILL enter every single game from now on, play the halfling, and I will steal second place every time...

HARRY!!.... warm up your lockpicks...

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