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Cold Rolled Steel
(07-21-2021, 12:54 PM)DuPont Wrote: I’ve been having PMS.

They make a salve for that.
I'm not in this game, but I'd just like to point out that no communication means no f--king communication.  Period.  If anyone is in a game with me, do not contact me outside the forum for any reason. When I see obvious communication going on inside a limited diplomacy game (pretty much all games), which is easy, by the way, I usually call it out and attack the players responsible.  Strategy be damned.

You want to talk to your buddies? Get into a team game.
Guys seems to be a lot of new players in this game (not saying its them), lets not get carried away. People have been told so let it go and play.
SO-DU: I'm happy to leave the town to you if we can avoid conflict.
(07-25-2021, 03:19 PM)Yellowbeard Wrote: SO-DU: I'm happy to leave the town to you if we can avoid conflict.

ok sounds good thank you
It's almost over! It will be a close one.
Wow! Real close, I win by only 95 points.

1 NO Rellgar 52,472 80,882
2 PI Lord Garth 51,782 80,787
3 AN Runigruth 34,650 64,184
4 DU CosmicWizard17 40,162 62,439
5 EL Eregnon the Black 21,820 42,965
6 CI DuPont 16,029 37,043
Nice Job Rellgar
Congrats, Rellgar. You get the win by a nose. Well done.

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