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5556 - The 12 Lords of Steel Independence
(09-25-2021, 12:20 AM)Lord Garth Wrote: IL - AT

Check your notes, Sir.

I didn't take any of those 3 pops from you.  The town in question I took from Human control.  You arrived the same turn and tried to take it from me then next.  And failed.  I overlooked that.  The village I went for was SA owned.  It seems you had an emmy there as well and we both went for it the same turn.  You went first and then I got it.  I got lucky.  And to your credit you moved off as I would have if you got lucky.  The third pop I don't own and never owned.  I steered clear because you owned it.   Then you lost it to a third party.  I took none of the 3 pops you accuse me of.  Or any pop from you.  Also, you never had full control of Darkover.

The facts you base your arguments and actions on are false.  But I see this is going nowhere.  

In the meantime,  I do accept your offer to return my prince. I will issue an order this turn for 1 gold.  Please confirm.

"Facts are stubborn things"  -- Mark Twain

Lord Garth


Lord Garth ... I am happy to return your Prince but can you please confirm the agreement.  Are you agreeing to the split --> you have Triumvia and my kingdom takes Darkover?

"The Seas are Bountiful"


Sometimes it is difficult to sift through the sands of mistruths and innuendos for the nuggets of truth. When you did not commit to the split as requested I thought that evil deeds were afoot and would, indeed, not be fooled. I see by your actions that your intentions are true and that, in fact, we have a bigger problem at hand with the NE. Your Prince will be returned to you for 1 gold. The trade is locked in.

"The Seas are hard to read at times ... but sail on we must"


Mighty Dragons ... share with the world what you know of the NE scourge that threatens all of the lands.

"The calmest of seas come before the strongest of storms"


I see that you are of low morals. So be it ... to arms.

"It was the waves, not the rocks, that tore the ship asunder"

NE --> AT does that mean your leaving otherwise I am headed into take your lands, before this contest ends.
Congrats Brek on the Win. Well played!!

Thanks, it was brutal fighting with the RD, well played by all. Having a hidden town with a ton of census in Krynn makes that region a complete PIA to take!
Congrats Brek,

Five Regions and going through the RD to do it is no small feat. Did you ever find that town in Krynn?
No which was a major PIA Wink
(10-05-2021, 03:12 PM)Brekk Wrote: No which was a major PIA Wink

It was at OB.


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