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Rules and Command Docs
I haven't played since before 3rd cycle. Thinking of getting back in but having a very hard time finding anything to get acquainted with the game again.  I would love to read the rules and commands but the downloads on the website are 3rd cycle and the links at the top of the forum don't work.  I've looked here under "Alamaze Rules and Resources" and don't see them posted here either.  Am I overlooking them?

The "help guides" link at this page is what I use. Maelstrom Release Notes has the big ones- buildings, fortifications, early kingdom customization. Those rule documents aren't totally up to date. Active game news on this forum, Uncle Mike's forum, has the 4th cycle updates.

Last update
Thanks guys!   I found the "help guides" from the "register now" link but the rules there say 3rd cycle. This is the current version?  So once I have that then I read the Maelstrom release notes, active game news, and uncle mike forum updates?  Is it the same process for the "commands" doc?  Yikes!
Yes. And when you play, there's a "verify" button which is right, mostly. It will tell you which orders are errors, then you need to figure them out. 99/100 its correct. There are only a couple of things it doesn't get. Or orders which should work but don't. E.g. whowie totem (+2 movement) and riders trait (same) do not stack with speed spell.

There's some trial and error, and definite learning. One fun way to learn is to do a team game or mentor game with some older players (err... more experienced players). Everyone is usually very helpful.
Actually the oldest of is is also the current Alamaze champion.  Hail Wookie!
(08-09-2021, 08:02 AM)Senior Tactician Wrote: Actually the oldest of is is also the current Alamaze champion.  Hail Wookie!

Thanks for the shout out Senior.  With age comes wisdom................or so they tell me.  I'm still waiting.  Another birthday coming next week, # 71.

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