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Names to retire?
Sadly, real world events sometimes intrude into our fantasyland.

I find that my immersion into the Alamaze world doesn't hold when a name references (accidentally) some notable outside person.

for instance, 'Dahamer' is one of the names in the emissary roster and every time I see the name I can't help but think of Jeffrey Dahmer the serial killer.

Maybe we should retire him from the rotation? Replace him with 'Danik' or 'Dain' or 'Dajomar'?

Also, on that note, every time I see an Agent Chaos, I can't help but think of this guy:

[Image: 2mqoyuo.gif]
Now you've done it, Jumbie. You've blown the cover for Agent Chaos.

I'd like to redo pretty much all the names with the next expansion.

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