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Game #115 - Steel
Post tales of glory and conquest concerning Game 115 here.

Troll Uprising - Wynand
Witchlord - Yellowbeard
Ancient Ones - Mauler
Elves - Hamlet
Gnomes - Helix
Dwarves - Clavatus
Darkelves - Jumbie
Sorcerer - Hile Troy
Red Dragons - DuPont
Rangers - Destitute Noble
Underworld - Cargus10
Giants - Geryon
Red Warlock - Mokkaron
Black Dragons - Thalion
Demon Princes - ArchangelKS
Greetings fellow nobles - and fare thee well!!

The Ranger High Court may be reached at

The only thing certain in this land is that the Sun will rise in the East, set in the West, and that trouble shall constantly brew underneath.
The Black is available at

another fair warning - I play under Thalion, but GM as Cipher - just so everyone knows...
The Red Warlock may be reached at
The Underworld may be reached at:

The Demon Princes may be contacted @ Hell.......errr, I mean,
The Red Dragons can be reached through their human ambassador at
The ever-majestic Elves can be reached through, and yes I know that is a long-@$$ email address.
The Witchlord can be reached at

Good luck all!
The Lords of Rock and Stone can be reached in their halls under the mountain. Or at

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