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Suspense & Decision - A PBM Magazine for the 21st Century!

Issue # 6 of Suspense & decision magazine is out!

Download link is found here:
If anyone has anything to submit for Issue # 7 of Suspense & Decision magazine, you are fast running out of time to get it in, in time for inclusion in our next issue.

Send any submissions to: GrimFinger@GrimFinger.Net
Issue # 7 of Suspense & Decision magazine has been published!

The magazine is in PDF format, and is a free download.


For the download, go to:
Great magazine - stumbled upon this mag and remembered fondly my "secret mistress", before RL responsibilities piled up.

Now I am an old comfy panda and ready to spoil kids (including myself) with all kinds of noisy toys! < always slip the nieces and nephews extra batteries! moohahahaha! >

Thanks for doing what you do.
"Have you ever considered piracy? You'd make a wonderful Dread Pirate Roberts."
Click HERE to download Issue # 8, directly.

Click HERE to participate in the poll for Issue # 8.

[Image: Front-Cover-Issue-8.png]

Click HERE to download Issue # 8, directly.

Click HERE to participate in the poll for Issue # 8.
Issue # 9 of Suspense & Decision magazine is now available for downloading.

[Image: Front-Cover-Suspense-And-Decision-Issue-9.png]

NOTE: Click on the image above, in order to download Issue # 9 of Suspense & Decision magazine, a PBM magazine for the 21st Century!

Click HERE to participate in the poll for Issue # 9.

I hope that you enjoy Issue # 9!
I hope you download S&D #9 and enjoy it. Then please find time to put your Beautiful Mind to work submitting an Alamaze article for the epic Issue #10.
I just have to say. I started playing alamaze less than a month ago. I love this game, I love this gaming style (PBEM). I just printed out issue number 1 and started reading it. I just finished reading the article Rick posted. Great article, If I may quote you, "Anticipation replaces instant gratification." Couldn't have been said better.
Sadly, it seems Suspense and Decision is on prolonged hiatus.

Nonetheless, here is the article I think was referenced by Sinestro (attached).

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The guy who puts out Suspense and Decision is a man of few words. I believe he's gathering himself now to put together issue #10.

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