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Unclemike's Corner
Upcoming Changes for the July 25, 2022 Update:

New Kingdoms:

Wizard kingdom that has exclusive access to craft potions and gunpowder for explosives

Ever-present plague effect that impairs kingdoms the ability to recruit from pop centers, may recruit Hell Hounds and Pit Fiends, special Muster The Fallen ability from plague deaths in region (the stricken become skeleton brigades for the Deathknights), priestesses may summon a Fallen Angel

Wizard kingdom that may summon Elementals (Air, Earth, Fire, Water), each with unique abilities above the norm

Fairy Folk
Kingdom of flyers, receives many brigades of reinforcements every 5 turns, may recruit a Chimera, the only non-wizard kingdom that has access to Summon Monster I-IX spells, Fairy Queen is Immortal

Malformed outcasts from failed wizard experiments, may recruit Beholders with 5 eye beam attacks, magic immunities

Free Traders
Exceptional travelers and traders, may recruit exotics like Cockatrices, Griffons, and Unicorns (all with unique abilities)

A return of an old favorite, may be issued a Stomp directive (new TAC), may recruit Cyclops and Rocs

Strong military with the ability to spread lycanthrope among others, kingdom grows in strength by acquiring entities from other kingdoms (militarily, politically, and covertly)

For a complete listing of kingdom changes with this release, reference all 32 kingdom setups at the forum post "MMXXII - Maelstrom in 2022" with the topic "New Kingdom Setups". Here's the link:

New Trait:

Most complex trait in the game, may summon undead troops, troop maintenance at 25% discount, Rule of Law cost is 0, conquered pop centers provide extra food/gold bonus, kingdom reactions lowered to hostile when evil initially controls a region, etc. More information provided on the kingdom setup.

New Wizard Balancing:

Wizard Level Progression
Raising a wizard to a higher level now uses a flat base rate for all levels, plateau costs at three “premium” levels: pwr-3 costs +10,000 more gold, pwr-5 costs +30,000 more, and pwr-7 costs 60,000 more. Example at:

Combat Spell Damage Reduction
Spell density, which increases spell damage based upon the target’s size, is dropped in favor of new combat spells that scale damage more appropriately for a wizard’s level. Example at:

New Features:

Only rulers and special figures (kings, queens, regents, consuls, demon princes) may become immortal. Some kingdoms are naturally immortal and stat the game as the undying eternal (e.g., Ancient Ones, Demon Princes, Fairy Queen). Rulers of other kingdoms may become immortal by reading a magical Scroll of Immortality (see Spell #525 Create Magic Item).

Immortality provides the primary benefit of being immune to agent assassinations. An immortal may be kidnapped, though they cannot be executed as prisoners. Any escape attempt by an immortal is always successful due to a guard being infatuated by the legendary figure.

Other powers of immortals are:
1) An immortal knows when another kingdom has attempted to enamor a region that he is substantial or better in
2) An immortal knows who sent a raven, agent recon, or scry (artifact or falconry) to a kingdom-controlled pop center
3) An immortal’s majestic presence allows wizards in their kingdoms to exceed their max assured limit by two levels
4) An immortal has a higher chance of escaping capture by an opposing military group when their capital falls (similar to a Secret Passages building effect)

Rare Resource: Mithril
The valuable and rare resource mithril may only be acquired through periodical “gold rush” events that become available throughout the game. Watch for Universal broadcast notices on your kingdom turn report that indicate that a new ore deposit was discovered by prospectors. The first five turns of the game will be somewhat weighted to trigger such an event, then normal chances for subsequent turns.

Every kingdom will start with at least 100 mithril ingots, however the Dwarven kingdom will start with 250 mithril ingots. This is to ensure that at least a minor scroll may be created during the course of the game with the new standardized 5th level spell: Create Magical Item. Every kingdom will also start with a number of miners/prospectors that are necessary to mine and collect the valuable mithril. The more miners/prospectors that your kingdom has, the more mithril that will be collected during these special events.

Whenever the relevant Universal broadcast message is shown on your turn report, you may move your miners/prospectors to the specified map area of the new deposit. Ore deposits may occur anywhere on the map, including water areas and those with an already constructed pop center (e.g., deposit was found underneath the city). An Universal broadcast message will be displayed when the ore deposit is depleted.

Mithril will be collected by your miners and deposited into your kingdom’s treasury vault during the food/gold production stage. The amount of mithril collected is determined by the number of your kingdom’s miners/prospectors.

All miners start the game at your capital and they may be moved up to 10 areas away with a special movement order (under the Kingdom tab). During an Ice Age, that range is reduced to 5 areas though double mithril is awarded. Beware, however, traveling across the land may be dangerous for the miners/prospectors health. Alamaze is a perilous realm of warring factions that may pose a threat to their survival (also, a stray Troll may eat them). Additional miners may be acquired through the order Hire New Emissary, and you may recruit as many of them as you like for your kingdom, if that is your strategy.

The benefits of mithril for your kingdom are many. Mithril may be melted down for its magical properties to craft items such as scrolls and artifacts. Under the work of a master craftsman, mithril may be refined to enhance your groups’ weapons and armor. Mithril may also become a requirement for constructing special high-end buildings and fortifications. Also, powerful spells that necessitate mastery of the arcane arts may require mithril as a spell component. Mithril is a rare and valuable resource. Use it wisely.

The amount of mithril that a kingdom will have at any given moment will be displayed in Section III Economics of your kingdom turn report. Your kingdom’s miners/prospectors and current map location will also be shown in that section. Mithril may be traded between kingdoms and may be stolen through theft, so you may want to take certain precautions into consideration regarding this valuable resource.

Relevant orders for mithril:
  #215 Unilateral Transfer
  #216 Trade Gold For Mithril
  #217 Trade Mithril For Gold
  #352 Move Miner/Prospector
  #510 Hire New Emissary (for more miners)
  #525 Create Magical Item
  #965 Steal Food/Gold/Mithril

Rare Resource: Gunpowder
Gunpowder is generated by having a Laboratory building constructed at a kingdom-owned pop center. The greater the number of Laboratories in the kingdom, the more gunpowder will be manufactured each turn. Gunpowder is used for crafting Explosive Devices that agents use to increase damage when sabotaging pop center defenses. Gunpowder is only available for the Alchemist wizard kingdom (e.g., Saruman using this explosive to damage Helm’s Deep wall).

Available for all kingdoms, scrolls may be crafted with the 5th level wizard spell, Create Magical Item (see below for more information), scrolls have instant effect when crafted (benefits are immediately applied).

Available only for the Alchemist kingdom, potions provide multiple benefits: Healing Salve (removes 5% attrition for all brigades in group), Poison Flask (damages another kingdom’s food supply by an extra 10% per flask), Preservation Jug (prevents all food spoilage), Rejuvenation Cream (fully restores High Priestess’ health).

Mithril Armor & Weapons
Provides bonus to offense/defense during battles, only available for Dwarves and Elves, replaces improved armor/weapons

Advanced Weaponry
Equipped gear that provides a 20% increase in killing opposing leaders/wizards during combat, only available for certain kingdoms:
  AL - Muskets
  AM - Matriarchal Spears
  BL - Poison Tail Stinger
  CI - Battle Axes
  DA - Venomed Blades
  DE - Voodoo Dolls
  DW - Dwarven Hammers
  EL - Elven Bows
  GI - Iron Javelins
  GN/HA - Slings of Accuracy
  RA - Vorpal Blades
  SA - Blessed Lances
  TY - Barbed Maces

Seapower Improvements:

Enhanced Sea Power Capabilities (Order # 630): Ships may be equipped with special abilities and equipment.

Enhancement___________Column B_________Bonus___________Cost
Greek Fire________________G__________+10% attack_______15,000 gold
Ramming Head____________R___________+5% attack________8,000 gold
Cannons_________________C__________+20% attack________35,000 gold
Reinforced Hulls___________H__________+10% defense______12,000 gold
Admiral Maneuvers_________A__________+25% defense______40,000 gold
Spyglass _________________S__________ +10% intercept______3,000 gold

Once purchased, the sea enhancement remains throughout the game. Orders 755/975 will display the seapower enhancements on the respective divination/recon report.

New Buildings:

Allows crafting potions (Alchemist only)

Allows crafting explosive devices, generates gunpowder (Alchemist only)

Ballista Tower
Available only by crafting a Scroll of Fabrication, benefits: +2,000 defense, removes bonus from flying attackers (e.g., Red Dragon +20% vs pc), brigade of ogres, trolls, or hill giants (lowest experience) is killed prior to combat due to the tower’s extreme missile range

Kingdom Improvements:

May recruit Giant Eagles to fly up to a division-sized group

Falconry to recon up to 20 area distance (as level 10 agent)

All Non-Evil Wizard kingdoms (and Fairy Folk)
Access to the Summon Monster I-IX spells

New Brigades:

Beholder, Chimera, Cockatrices, Cyclops, Elementals (Air, Earth, Fire, Water), Giant Eagles, Griffons, Hell Hounds, Iron Golem, Mephits, Mummies, Pixies, Phantasmal Forces, Pit Fiend, Rocs, Sprites, Summon Monster I-IX (Troglodyte, Gnoll, Owlbear, Gargoyle, Manticore, Ettin, Umber Hulk, Gelatinous Cube, Shambling Mound), Unicorns [+ 8 new kingdom-named brigades]

New Flying Rules
Flyers may now finish movement upon water areas (players were exploiting the former version), reference the kingdom setup for more info on flying rules

New Orders:

New order: #212 Transmute Rare Element (Alchemist only)
New order: #216 Trade Mithril For Gold
New order: #217 Trade Gold For Mithril
New order: #352 Move Mithril Miner
New order: #520 Falconry Training (Ranger only)
New order: #564 Muster The Fallen (Deathknights only)
New order: #585 Create Alchemist Item (Alchemist only)
New order: #586 Use Potion (Alchemist only)
New order: #606 Equip Mithril Item (Dwarf/Elf only)
New order: #607 Equip Advanced Item
New order: #620 Torment Prisoner (Deathknights only)
New order: #630 Seapower Enhancements
New order: #666 Summon Fallen Angel (Deathknights only)
New order: #746 Group Rest Fireworks (Alchemist only)
New order: #974 Falconry Recon (Ranger only)

Special Note: Order #606 Equip Mithril Item
This order is only available for the Dwarven and Elven kingdoms due to their master craftsmanship. Group must be located at kingdom-owned pc with forge. Group must already be equipped with the common forged item (improved armor/weapons) in order to upgrade to the mithril version. Mithril armor provides +50% combat protection. Mithril weapons provides +50% combat effectiveness. Cost for forging either mithril armor or weapons is 1,000 mithril ingots. Group may only be equipped once a turn.

New Spells:

For more information on the following, refer to the spell description on your kingdom’s turn report.

New spell: #79 Power Word Stun
New spell: #80 Ice Torrent
New spell: #81 Chain Lightning
New spell: #82 Prismatic Rays
New spell: #83 Incendiary Cloud
New spell: #84 Disintegrate
New spell: #85 Arcane Disjunction
New spell: #88 Instant Phantasmal Force
New spell: #525 Create Magical Item
New spell: #658 Summon Leviathan
New spell: #825 Simulacrum
New spell: #866 Summon Mummy
New spell: #867 Summon Iron Golem
New spell: #868 Summon Air Elementals
New spell: #869 Summon Earth Elementals
New spell: #872 Summon Fire Elementals
New spell: #873 Summon Water Elementals
New spell: #890 Summon Monster I (Troglodyte)
New spell: #891 Summon Monster II (Gnoll)
New spell: #892 Summon Monster III (Owlbear)
New spell: #893 Summon Monster IV (Gargoyle)
New spell: #894 Summon Monster V (Manticore)
New spell: #895 Summon Monster VI (Ettin)
New spell: #896 Summon Monster VII (Umber Hulk)
New spell: #897 Summon Monster VIII (Gelatinous Cube)
New spell: #898 Summon Monster IX (Shambling Mound)
New spell: #985 Revelation

Special Note: Spell #525 Create Magical Item
All items crafted through this spell require mithril as a necessary ingredient for bestowing the item with its magical properties. Artifacts created are permanent items. Scrolls are temporary, one-use, items that have immediate effect when crafted and execute at the Order #525 level.

Quality: Fine
• Cloak of Disguise (Undetectable Move) – requires 800 mithril
• Ring of Protection (-20% Assassin/-50% Sleep) – requires 1,000 mithril
• Rod of Fire (Level 2 Fireball) – requires 1,000 mithril
• Scroll of Minor Healing (5% Heal All) – requires 250 mithril, reduces attrition -5 pts on all brigades in group
• Smoke Mojo (Saving Throws) – requires 1,000 mithril
• Wand of Lightning (Level 2 Lightning) – requires 1,000 mithril

Quality: Excellent
• Crystal of Seeing (Scry 3 Areas) – requires 2,000 mithril
• Guardian Talisman (Constant Ward) – requires 2,000 mithril
• Scroll of Major Healing (15% Heal All) - requires 700 mithril, reduces attrition -15 pts on all brigades in group
• Scroll of Purification (No Food Spoilage) – requires 500 mithril, 0% food spoilage that turn

Quality: Superior
• Plow of the Prophet (2x Food) – requires 3,500 mithril
• Scroll of Defense (+5,000 PC) – requires 1,500 mithril, adds to pc defense of group location
• Scroll of Escape (Wizard Avoids Assassins) – requires 1,500 mithril, casting wizard immune to all assassination attempts that turn
• Scroll of Insect Swarm (Regional Food) – requires 1,200 mithril, causes permanent -10% food production in all pop centers of group’s location/region

Quality: Special
• Scroll of Fabrication (Ballista Tower) – requires 2,000 mithril, constructs Ballista Tower to pc of group location, Ballista Tower benefits: +2,000 defense, removes bonus from flying attackers (e.g., Red Dragon +20% vs pc), and a brigade of ogres, trolls, or hill giants (lowest experience) is killed prior to combat due to the tower’s extreme missile range
• Scroll of Immortality (Ruler) – requires 5,000 mithril, ruler becomes permanently immune to death
• Scroll of Pot Luck (Random) – requires 500 mithril, random chance of receiving something beneficial (25% for 20,000 gold, 25% for 40,000 food, 25% for 1,500 mithril, 25% for +1 influence)

Modified Actions:

Modified spell: wall of flame (and pit fiend immolation) is no longer reduced with shield, anti-magic, and similar protections so damage is closer to 25% of opposing group strength

Modified spell: ward spell and resist magic trait will no longer prevent conjure prestige or enhance king’s aura (was interfering with increasing one’s own influence)

Modified trait: no duplicate artifacts are shown for turn 0 foreknowledge results

Modified order: following were changed to include mithril: unilateral transfer, hire figure (for mithril miners), agent steal food/gold/mithril

Modified order: agent recon report (at end of file) now displays brigade number and abbreviation (was just the number of brigades), not all troop types will be displayed however, those that remain hidden are special brigades like Chameleons as well as Wood Elves (in Forests)

Modified order: agent assassinate ldr/wiz and trail group no longer requires exact map location when going against hidden pc’s (just need to be 10+ level agent)

Modified order: ruler name change on turn 1 no longer counts towards your influence limit (now free like group transfers)

Deprecated order: flying with Order #727 (specify single map area, teleport 7 areas away) was removed from the game. All flying groups, either as natural flyers like dragons or enhanced with artifacts, are considered flying at all times. That means, you’ll have to specify a normal movement order rather than just a single map area as with the former Order #727, and terrain costs are calculated as normally in your movement order.

Cosmetic Improvements:

Added secondary kingdom image on title page

Split Section IV into two (one magic, other agents/misc)

Added new Seapower section for ship-to-ship battles, enhancements

Added new graphic images throughout to break up monotony and provide better clarity

In general, the kingdom turn report was upgraded with images to break up the monotony of reading the old "dot matrix" block of text for results. This makes the kingdom turn report easier to read and to improve its appearance.

To ensure that you pick up the latest version of the online order entry website files, please clear your browser cache.

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